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Jeff Tracey is an intellectual property lawyer, a registered Canadian patent agent, a trade-mark agent and a partner at Rowand LLP.  Jeff regularly assists clients in developing and managing intellectual property portfolios. As a registered patent agent with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Jeff has assisted clients with patent preparation and prosecution, with an emphasis on electrical, mechanical, and computer related technology. Jeff has extensive experience dealing with both foreign and domestic patent offices and regularly helps Canadian clients to obtain patents both in Canada and abroad.

Jeff also assists clients to develop their branding by performing clearance searches to confirm that a proposed name is available and by protecting branding through trade-mark registrations.

In addition to being a registered Canadian Patent and Trade-mark agent, Jeff is a registered United States patent agent and has taken specialized training regarding United States and European intellectual property protection to better assist Canadian clients to obtain foreign intellectual property rights.  Jeff frequently utilizes this specialized training to assist clients who wish to obtain intellectual property protection outside of Canada. 

Prior to commencing a legal career, Jeff worked in electrical and computer engineering for a variety of businesses, including a large semiconductor developer and an automotive manufacturer.

About Rowand LLP

Rowand LLP is a Toronto-based firm of lawyers, patent agents and trade-mark agents that is focused on assisting technology companies. Each of our lawyers has a computer science or electrical engineering background and each understands the intellectual property issues that are unique to technology companies.

Our patent attorneys regularly assist Canadian technology companies to obtain patent protection, both in Canada and abroad. Our clients range from multi-national tech companies to start-ups and we regularly assist early stage companies to establish customized intellectual property strategies which consider the client’s exit strategy, financing, and the competitive landscape for the client’s field of technology.

Our trade-mark lawyers also assist clients with their branding efforts by performing clearance searches to ensure that a proposed name is available and by securing protection for names, logos, and other trade-marks.


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