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Personal injury

Top 5 Personal Injuries That Gets Under Compensated

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A personal injury claim is a claim brought by an injured person against the parties who are responsible for the accident that caused the injury. The law requires the negligent parties whose actions or omissions caused the accident to compensate the injured person. The amount of compensation is calculated based on different factors. However, just because you were injured, it does not mean that you will be properly compensated. More often than not, you may end up being under compensated for your injuries.

Common questions asked by motor vehicle accident claimants in British Columbia

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Michael Dew is a Vancouver lawyer who represents plaintiffs making claims for personal injury. Click here for contact information and further details about Michael’s practice.
This article sets out answers to some frequently asked questions about ICBC injury claims. Please be aware that the information provided in this article is brief and very generalized. There are many additional rules that apply in addition to the general rules stated in this article, and many exceptions apply.
While all injured persons should be cautious of lawyers who are over eager to sign them up them as clients, it is important to realize that the claims process can be complicated and lawyers can offer valuable services to protect the interests of injured persons by guiding them through the claims process and maximizing recovery.
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