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Spreadsheet to quickly rename .MSG files

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Available for download is a spreadsheet which can be used to quickly rename .msg files, which are native file format emails as stored in Microsoft Outlook.
The spreadsheet contains a macro that can quickly rename the .msg files according to their date, time, sender, and email subject line, with the data arranged in the file name such that the files sort into date order.

Form Builder Spreadsheet - Document assembly / automation using Microsoft Excel and Word

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Excel spreadsheet that writes data from Excel to Word document forms.

Designed for Windows computers only, not Macs.

Download for $11CAD from 


Method for Bates Numbering a library of pdf documents

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The following explains how to Bates number a collection of pdf documents contained in a library of folders in Windows. See for a video explanation of the process.

To Dropbox or not to Dropbox, that is the information security question

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Dropbox, and the Dropbox app in particular, offers amazing efficiencies, including instant access to files and folders across devices, and creation of shared libraries of documents that lawyers and clients can collaboratively build and edit. But stop, wait, before you rush to install the app and leverage that awesome technology, you need to consider the risks! Okay, so what are they? Well, let me give you the punch line, and a caveat, before going on to discuss this topic in detail:

Technology Assisted Lawyer-Client Collaboration in Case Preparation

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The starting point when considering what software to use in case preparation is: who will use the software?

Top Ten Tips for Getting More From Your Lawyer...For Less

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There are times when no matter how resourceful you are, your legal problem is so complicated or distressing that it makes sense to hire a lawyer to help. Everyone knows that lawyers are expensive, but what most people realize is that you can maximize your lawyer's help and minimize your legal bills by heeding a few simple tips:

Settling an order in the BC Supreme Court

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So you have to “settle an order” and you have no idea what that means.
Rule 41(18) of the Rules of Court, B.C. Reg. 221/90, provides:
An order shall be settled, when necessary, by the registrar, who may refer the draft to the judge or master who made the order.
The procedure for settling an order is set out by Dunn, McCallum & Turiff, in “Practice Before the Registrar” (British Columbia: CLE, looseleaf).

Filing documents in the Supreme Court of British Columbia: when are backing sheets required?

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Michael Dew is a Vancouver lawyer who practices in all areas of civil litigation (including ICBC cases) and criminal law. Click here for contact information and further details about Michael’s practice.
If you are a law student or young lawyer, you may have wondered about those sheets with the sideways writing on them that are sometimes attached to the back of documents filed in with the British Columbia Supreme Court. What are they, why are they printed sideways, and when exactly are they required? This article provides brief answers to those questions.
Backing sheets are not dealt with in the Rules of Court, B.C. Reg. 221/90.
The mysterious sideways printed documents are called “backing sheets”; because they are attached to the back of documents filed with the court.

Preemptory & Peremptory: misused and confused words!

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Michael Dew is a Vancouver lawyer who practices in all areas of civil litigation (including ICBC cases). Click here for contact information and further details about Michael’s practice.
The purpose of this article is to explain the meaning of and distinguish between the words preemptory and peremptory.
Everyday usage / common meanings
The common usage or everyday meaning, as opposed to the legal meaning, of each of the words is as follows:
Preemptory (also spelled pre-emptory) [pree-EMP-tor-ree]
Preemptory is defined as pertaining to preemption. To preempt is to take action in order to prevent (an attack or other anticipated event) happening; or to forestall.


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