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Technology law column by Michael Geist

Canadian Heritage Must Face Up To New Digital Reality

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The recent decision to shift Bev Oda out of the Canadian Heritage portfolio was one of the cabinet shuffle's worst kept secrets.  Oda was labeled by many commentators as a weak Minister - the Star's Martin Knelman described her as "an enigmatic and lucklustre head of culture" - who was undermined by fundraising controversies and was perceived to be an ineffective advocate on behalf of the Canadian cultural community.

A Digital Economy Blueprint For the New Industry Minister

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Jim Prentice, Canada's new Industry Minister, has been on the job for less than a week, yet his appointment has already sent a buzz through the business community.  With a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's inner circle now at the helm, promoting Canada's global economic competitiveness promises to become a core priority on the government's fall agenda.

Getting Social Networks to Socialize

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Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace have become part of the daily routine for millions of Internet users who connect with friends, share photos, and reach out to other people with similar interests.  The popularity of social networks has resulted in an unfortunate by-product, however - the mushrooming number of requests that come from dozens of these sites. 


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