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Citizenship for Adopted Children: Canada's New Law for 2008

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The impetus for Canada's new citizenship law for adopted children arises out of a 1998 Federal Court of Canada decision. (the McKenna case) That court found the different treatment of biological and adopted children in the citizenship law to be discriminatory and contrary to the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The Future of Adoption in British Columbia

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The world of adoption is changing quickly. There continue to be abandoned children in numerous countries, and, infertility seems to be increasing. Will parents and children continue to find each other as they have in the past? For many reasons, the face of adoption in British Columbia is changing and doors are closing for adoptive parents. What role can Sunrise play in shaping the future of adoption in British Columbia?


The Abandoned Children of Guatemala

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Canadians are currently prevented from adopting children in Guatemala (the reasons are discussed below), however, children are languishing in difficult conditions in Guatemalan orphanages. The purpose of this article is to ask the Canadian authorities to permit Canadians to adopt abandoned children living in orphanages in Guatemala.

Adoption and the Workplace

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Barb and Maxine work for a large corporation whose profit for the last quarter was $400 million. Both women are new moms, currently at home caring for their children. Barb will be at home for 52 weeks and will receive 85% of her regular salary. Maxine, on the other hand, is able to stay home for only 35 weeks during which she receives 55% of her usual salary. What's the difference? Barb is a biological mother; Maxine is an adoptive mother.

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