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SCC Decision: July 27, 2007

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Syl Apps Secure Treatment Centre v. B.D., 2007 SCC 38
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(Torts / Negligence)
R.D., a 14-year old family member of B.D., was placed in several psychiatric facilities, and ultimately made a ward of the Crown.  R.D. was placed in care originally due to a story she had written alleging abuse by her parents, though no charges were laid by police.  B.D. brought a claim for $40,000,000, alleging that the treatment centre had acted as though the parents had abused R.D., and had thereby negligently deprived the family of R.D.  The Court found that the statement of claim disclosed no reasonable cause of action, since the treatment centre and the case coordinator there owed no duty of care to the family.  The Court found that there was no proximity between the family and the defendants.
Majority/Dissent: 9/0