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SCC Decision: July 6, 2007

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R. v. Clayton, 2007 SCC 32
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(Constitution / Charter of Rights / Search and seizure / Arbitrary detention)
Police responded to a 911 call alleging that 10 black men outside a strip club were brandishing handguns.  Upon arrival at the scene, police set up a roadblock and stopped the first car to approach, which contained C and F, both black males.  The car did not match the description of the vehicles outside the club that had been provided to police.  Police asked a few questions, became suspicious because of the answers and other circumstances, and asked C and F to exit the car.  C bolted and was chased and arrested, and F was also placed under arrest.  The majority of the Court held that the police lawfully exercised their common law powers to detain and search C and F, and there was no violation of sections 8 or 9 of the Charter.
Majority/Concurring: 6/3