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General health law resources

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Legislation guides
o   Perun, Orr, & Dimitriadis, Guide to the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2005)
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o   * Schmidt, J., Attorney's dictionary of medicine and word finder (New York: Lexis, looseleaf) (6 volumes)
Other countries
o   Euthanasia in the low countries (Leuven: Catholic University of Leuven, European Centre for Ethics, 2002)
o   Knoppers, B., Genomics and Public Health: Legal and Socio-Ethical Perspectives (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff, 2007)
Health Canada
Government of Canada website on healthy living
Canadian Health Network (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
Canadian Bar Association: Health Law (incl. Medical Malpractice)
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
HumGen (legal aspects of human genetics)
Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada (Krever Commission)
MedEffect: federal government website where consumers and health professionals can file adverse reaction reports.
Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
Health and Wellness - Alberta
British Columbia
A Primer to British Columbia's Health Care Consent Legislation
Manitoba Health
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Health and Social Services Québec
Merck manual online library
Research Guide on International Health Law
US Department of Health guide to finding health-related information
Medical imagery (database medical images and illustrations)
US National Library of Medicine
PubMed (database of citations and abstracts of biomedical research articles)
World Health Organization