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Creating content on Legaltree

Many lawyers publish articles in academic journals or on their law firm websites. However, most academic journals require paid subscriptions, and many firm websites have low search engine rankings and so offer limited exposure.
Legaltree has a high search engine ranking and currently attracts over 10,000 unique visitors per month. Therefore, Legaltree provides a well-trafficked forum for lawyers to publish articles and promote their practice.
Legaltree welcomes two types of user contributed content:
o        Articles 
o        Books
All content must comply with the Formatting Policy. Users can publish links to articles they have published on other sites, but must conform with the Link Policy
Legaltree encourages all users to publish articles on this site. However before contributing content to Legaltree, users should consider all issues involved; including conflictscopyright, and confidentiality. For tips on convincing employers of the value of publishing on Legaltree, click here.
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