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Municipal & planning law resources

Related subject areas
o   Public
o   Annibale, Q., Municipal lands: acquisition, management and disposition (Aurora: Canada Law Book, looseleaf)
o   * Boghosian & Davison, The Law of Municipal Liability in Canada (Markham: Butterworths, looseleaf)
o   Dronshek, E., Municipal business by-law drafting manual (Markham: LexisNexis, 2003)
o   Hillel, D., Thomson Rogers on Municipal Liability (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 1996)
o   Hoehn, F., Municipalities and Canadian Law (Saskatoon: Purich, 1996)
o   Keith, N., Canadian emergency management and response manual: a guide to the law and practice (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   Levine, G., The Law of Government Ethics: Federal, Ontario and British Columbia (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2007)
o   Maclean, A User's Guide to Municipal Bylaws, 2nd ed. (Markham: Butterworths, 2008)
o   Makuch et al., Canadian Municipal and Planning Law, 2nd ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2004)
o   O'Brien's encyclopaedia of forms, 11th ed.: Municipal Corporations (Aurora: Canada Law Book, looseleaf)
o   O'Connor et al., Conduct Handbook for Municipal Employees and Officials, 2nd ed. (Markham: Butterworths, 2003)
o   O’Connor, M., Open Local Government 2:  How crucial legislative changes impact the way municipalities do business in Canada (St. Thomas: Municipal World, 2004)
o   * Rogers & Butler, Canadian law of planning and zoning, 2nd ed. (Toronto: Thomson/Carswell, looseleaf)
o   * Rogers, I., The Law of Canadian Municipal Corporations, 2nd ed. (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   Wood & Mahadevan, The Planning Act: a sourcebook, 6th ed. (Toronto: Thomson/Carswell, 2008)
o   Wakefield, K., Alberta municipal law and commentary (Markham: Butterworths, looseleaf)
British Columbia
o   * Buholzer, W., British Columbia planning law and practice (Markham: Butterworths, looseleaf)
o   Buholzer, W., Local Government in British Columbia (Vancouver: Continued Legal Education, 2013)
o   Buholzer, W., Local Government Under the Community Charter, 4th ed. (Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 2011)
o   Buholzer, W., Local Government under the Community Charter (Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 2009)
o   McDannold & Stewart, British Columbia municipal law & commentary (Markham: LexisNexis Canada, 2006)
o   * Official development plan by-laws (Vancouver: City of Vancouver Planning Department, looseleaf)
o   Manitoba Law Reform Commission.  Development Schemes (Winnipeg: Law Reform Commission, 2006)
o   Flynn-Guglietti, M., The New Land Use Planning Regime in Ontario: Bill 51 (Toronto: Law Society of Upper Canada, 2007)
o   Krushelnicki, B., A practical guide to the Ontario Municipal Board (Markham: LexisNexis, 2003)
o   Young, M., Ontario municipal service directory: a comprehensive guide for real estate professionals (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2004)
Legislation guides
o   * British Columbia Local Government Legislation Manual (British Columbia: Quickscribe Services, looseleaf) (2 volumes)
o   Doumani & Foran, Ontario Planning Act and Commentary, 2004/2005 ed. (Markham:  LexisNexis Butterworths, 2004)
o   * Gregory et al., Annotated British Columbia Local Government Act and Community Charter (Aurora, Canada Law Book, looseleaf) (3 volumes)
o   * Index to Vancouver Charter, S.B.C. 1953, c. 55 (Vancouver: City of Vancouver Law Department, looseleaf)
o   Mascarin & Williams, Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 and commentary (Markham: LexisNexis, 2004)
o   Rust-D’Eye et al., The Ontario Municipal Act: a user’s manual (Toronto: Carswell, 2004)
o   Wood, D., The Planning Act: a sourcebook, 5th ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2006)
o   * Zoning and Development By-law No. 3575 (Vancouver: City of Vancouver Planning Department, looseleaf)
Other countries
o   Jordan, C., Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise, 5th ed. (Berkeley, CA.:  Nolo, 2006)
Federation of Canadian municipalities
Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA)
British Columbia
Municipalities, First Nations, and Improvement Districts (Civic Info)
Municipal Councillors Handbook 2008
The role and responsibilities of regional directors
Canadian Bar Association: Noise, Untidy Premises and Dog Control
Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI)
Assessment Review Board
Ontario Municipal Board (Includes Decisions)
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
International Municipal Lawyers Association
Munisource (provides links to municipal websites in many countries)
Municipal World