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Formatting policy

Legaltree has multiple contributors and we would like to keep the style and presentation of the content consistent. Therefore, Legaltree requires all contributions to comply with the Formatting Policy set out below.
Articles in a particular category are generally listed showing just the title of the article and a short teaser about 200 words long. Users then link to the full article by clicking on the article heading. Therefore, to give users an impression of what the article is about, contributors should include a short summary at the top of each article.
Formatting Policy
1.      Content shall be in Arial or sans-serif font.
2.      Content must be predominantly size 12 font.
3.      No font may be greater than size 14.
4.      The title of the article must be entered into the “Title” input box when creating the page. The content entered into the “Body” input window when creating the page must not contain the article title.   
5.      Headings and subheadings may be emphasized using bold, italics, and underlining.
6.      This policy is subject to change, and Legaltree may request that contributors modify their pages to conform to the revised policy.
7.      If a page does not conform with this policy, Legaltree may modify the page to comply with the policy.