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About us

Legaltree is owned and operated by Legaltree Project Inc., a British Columbia corporation.
The purpose of Legaltree is to provide an easily accessible forum for Canadian lawyers to publish legal information related to their practice. This accomplishes the dual benefits of promoting those lawyers as leading practitioners in their areas of practice, and providing all Canadians with further access to free legal information – a noble cause given that Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin has commented that as many as 40 percent of people in some courts do not have the assistance of legal counsel.  
Many lawyers publish articles in academic journals or on their law firm websites. However, most academic journals require paid subscriptions, and many firm websites have low search engine rankings and so offer limited exposure.
Legaltree has a high search engine ranking and currently attracts over 10,000 unique visitors per month. Therefore, Legaltree provides a well-trafficked forum for lawyers to publish articles and promote their practice.
A further purpose of Legaltree is to provide research aids to help lawyers work more effectively.
While the research resources on Legaltree are contributed by the site administrators, the focus of Legaltree is user contributed content and we hope that all lawyers are as excited to contribute to this resource as we are to provide a forum for those contributions.