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Link Policy

Users may provide a link from Legaltree to an article published on another site instead of re-publishing the entire article on Legaltree, but the Link Policy set out below must be complied with.
However, republishing the entire article on Legaltree is preferable for many reasons. First, users are more likely to find the article when searching if the entire article is published on Legaltree, rather than just a summary of it which does not contain all the key terms and case names. Second, users are more likely to read articles published in full on Legaltree because it does not require them to browse to another site to see whether the article is actually on point. The best way to publish is to provide the full article on Legaltree with a head note explaining its contents.
Link policy
Part 1: Linking to articles
o       Links may only be provided to pages that contain legal articles that are well drafted, professional, up to date, and that have legal research value.
o       Subject to Part 2 below, only links to articles may be published; links may not be provided to sites merely of general interest. If you wish to post such a link, contact Legaltree directly.
o       Each link must be listed immediately after a summary describing the contents of the article. This summary must be at least 200 words in length. The primary purpose for requesting a summary is so that when users search for a key term, the article is detected. Therefore, the summary should contain the key terms and distinctive legal jargon used in the article. It is not acceptable to provide a list of key terms in point form. The 200 word summary must be made up of well constructed, full sentences. If the author wishes to list key terms, this can be done in addition to the 200 word minimum. A secondary purpose of the summary is that it will allow users to determine which of the linked articles available on Legaltree is most related to their research issue. Contributors must ensure that the summary provided does not infringe the copyright any third party.
o       Each page containing a link must be published in an appropriate category on the articles tree. This is done by logging in, clicking “create page” on the right hand menu, and then posting a page as explained in the instructions for creating pages.
o       Only one link may be published on each page of content. If the user would like to contribute links to multiple articles, multiple Legaltree pages should be created.
o       It is a requirement of this policy that the page the link connects to either contains the target article, or has a link to it.
o       The user who posts the page containing the link must have been an author of the article that is linked to.
o       This policy is subject to change, and Legaltree may request the contributor of to modify pages to conform to the revised policy.
Part 2: Linking to firm websites
o       Users may publish links to their firm websites from their user profiles.