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Landlord & tenant resources

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British Columbia
o   Commercial Tenancy Act Reform Project Committee, Report on Proposals for a New Commercial Tenancy Act: A Report Prepared for the British Columbia Law Institute by the Members of the Commercial Tenancy Act Reform Project Committee (Vancouver: British Columbia Law Institute, 2009)
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Canadian Bar Association: Cooperative Housing: Members' Rights and Duties
The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
Tenant survival guide
Rental property listing website
Tenant Verification Service Inc.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (information for renters)
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (information for landlords)
Renters website
Landlord and Tenant law in Alberta
British Columbia
British Columbia. Residential Tenancy Office.
Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC)
University of British Columbia Legal Aid Manual: Landlord and Tenant Law
Tenants Rights Action Coalition (TRAC)
Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board
Ontario Tenants Rights
Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
Ontario landlord and tenant page on
Landlord's Self-Help Centre
Non-profit organization that provides information, assistance and educational programs to Ontario's small scale landlords free of charge.
Other countries
Great Britain. Law Commission, Encouraging Responsible Letting: A Consultation Paper (Norwich: Stationery Office, 2007)
Great Britain. Law Commission, Housing: Proportionate Dispute Resolution: The Role of Tribunals: A Consultation Paper (London: Stationery Office, 2007)


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