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Articles: contributions on particular subjects

Publishing articles on Legaltree is a useful way for users to share their knowledge on particular topics with the legal community.
If the user has previously written on a particular subject, that work can be republished as an article on Legaltree. However, the user is responsible for ensuring that all material contributed does not infringe any third party’s rights e.g. copyright. It is especially important that users to not breach any copyright owned by their employers.
Publishing on Legaltree is quick and easy, without the strict subject and format requirements imposed by some paper based publishers. Furthermore, and most importantly, users retain the copyright in the content they contribute. The user can remove their articles at any time, and publish them elsewhere if they wish.
Users can also publish links to articles that they have posted on other websites; see the link policy for details.  
Articles are generally stand-alone contributions on a particular topic. If the user is familiar with a particular area of law and keeps up to date with that area as part of their practice, they should consider authoring a book on that subject. Legaltree books are really just articles on a particular subject that the user updates as the law develops.
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