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Books: the ultimate contribution

Books are the most involved type of content. However, all lawyers should keep up to date with their chosen area of practice and authoring a book, which is essentially a electronic looseleaf, provides extra incentive to stay up to date while promoting the status of the book author in the legal community.
To be a book author, the user must get prior approval from Legaltree and then will generally have the exclusive right to author the book on that subject. Once a user is approved as an author, Legaltree will create the book and then the author can add pages to their book. Only book authors are allowed to add content within their book, although registered users may leave comments about book pages.
Authoring requires some measure of time commitment. Periodically the author should determine whether any new cases have changed the law discussed in their book, and update the content accordingly. However, for the following reasons, this task need not be onerous. First, the author can choose the subject for their book, and should limit its scope according to the time the author is prepared to contribute. Second, if a well constructed Quicklaw / Canlii search is developed, which can then be used each month to search for relevant cases, reasonably little time should be required for researching.
Publishing a paper based book requires compliance with the publishing companies criteria and specifications, and a huge time commitment which is just not possible for most practicing lawyers. However, authors of Legaltree books can publish as they write, instead of having to compile the entire work before anything can be published. Furthermore, and most importantly, authors retain the copyright to all of the material they contribute: at any point any author can remove their entire book from Legaltree and publish it elsewhere if they so wish.
Authors should be conservative in choosing the scope of their book; the scope can always be increased if the author finds they have time to provide broader coverage.
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