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Wills law resources

Canadian (General)
o   Appleby, Eric B. Legal research guide to wills and succession 2006 (Maritime Law Book, 2006)
o   * Bogardus & Hamilton, Wills Precedents: An annotated guide (British Columbia: CLE, looseleaf)
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o   Consultation Paper on New Probate Rules (Vancouver: British Columbia Law Institute, 2010)
o   Creation of Wills (Alberta Law Reform Commission: Edmonton, 2009)
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o   * MacKenzie, J., Feeney's Canadian Law of Wills, 4th ed. (Markham: Butterworths, looseleaf)
o   Making a will in Alberta (University of Alberta Legal Resource Centre, 2009)
o   Mungall, C., Probate Guide for British Columbia, 18th ed. (North Vancouver: Self Counsel Press, 2002)
o   Sokol, Mistakes in Wills in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, 1995)
o   Solnik & Thompson, Drafting wills in Ontario: a lawyer's practical guide (Toronto: CCH Canadian, 2003)
o   The creation of wills (Edmonton: Alberta Law Reform Institute, 2009)
o   Wills and the Legal Effects of Changed Circumstances. (Final Report No. 98) (Edmonton: Alberta Law Institute, 2010)
o   Wong, S., Wills for British Columbia (North Vancouver: Self Counsel Press, 2000)
Canadian (Wills Variation)
o   Alberta Law Reform Institute, Succession and Posthumously Conceived Children (Edmonton: Alberta Law Reform Institute, 2012)
o   Amighetti, L., The law of dependants' relief in British Columbia (Toronto: Carswell,1991)
o   Harvey & Vincent, The law of dependant's relief in Canada, 2nd ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2006)
o   Hull, Challenging the Validity of Wills (Toronto: Carswell, 1996)
o   Posthumously Conceived Children: Intestate Succession and Dependants Relief (Winnipeg: Manitoba Law Reform Commission, 2008)
o   Martyn et al., Theobald on Wills, 16th ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2001)
o   Sherrin et aI., Williams on Wills, 8th ed. (London: Butterworths, 2002)
British Columbia Ministry of Health Services Vital Statistics Agency. Application For Filing A Wills Notice
British Columbia. Ministry of Health Services. Vital Statistics Agency. Application For Search of Wills Notice
British Columbia Wills Registry
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