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Power of attorney law resources

o   Enduring powers of attorney: areas for reform (Western Canada Law Reform Agencies, 2008)
o   Enduring Powers of Attorney: Supplementary Report (Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Law Reform Commission, 2008)
o   Hull, I., Power of Attorney Litigation (North York: CCH, 2000)
o   MacGregor, M., Preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney, 4th ed. (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2011)
o   Making a power of attorney in Alberta (University of Alberta Legal Resource Centre, 2009)
o   McClean, A., Review of Representation Agreements and Enduring Powers of Attorney (British Columbia: Ministry of the Attorney General, 2002)
o   Georgas, M., Power of Attorney Kit (North Vancouver: Self Counsel Press, 2003)
o   * Sweatman, M., Guide to powers of attorney (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2002)
University of British Columbia Legal Aid Manual: Committeeship and Power of Attorney
People's Law School. Power of Attorney
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