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Fiduciary law resources

Related subject areas
o   Tort
o   * Ellis, M., Fiduciary Duties in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   Law Commission of Canada, In whom we trust: a forum on fiduciary relationships (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2002)
o   * Ng, M., Fiduciary Duties: Obligations of Loyalty and Faithfulness (Markham, Canada Law Book, looseleaf)
o   Personal relationships of dependence and interdependence in law (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2002)
o   Reynolds, A breach of duty: fiduciary obligations and Aboriginal peoples (Saskatoon: Purich, 2005)
o   Rotman, L., Fiduciary law (Toronto: Thomson/Carswell, 2005)
o   * Thorburn & Fairburn,  Law of Confidential Business Information (Aurora: Canada Law Book, looseleaf)
o   Youdan, T., Equity, Fiduciaries and Trusts (Toronto: Carswell, 1989)
Other countries
o   Finn, Paul D., Fiduciary Obligations (Sydney: Law Book Co., 1977)