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Divorce law resources

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Living Together, Living Apart: Common-law Relationships, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce
Central registry of divorce proceedings
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Canadian Bar Association: Dividing Up Family Assets
Canadian Bar Association: Separation: Deciding Who Will Move Out
Canadian Bar Association: The Defendent in Divorce Proceedings
Canadian Bar Association: Undefended & Joint Divorces
Canada. Department of Justice, Parenting after Divorce
Human Resources Development Canada, Pensions and Divorce
Collaborative divorce Canadian divorce documents & separation agreements
Divorce Magazine
DIVORCEmate Software (Information for each province)
Online self-help divorce service
University of Alberta: Divorce Act FAQs
British Columbia
Government of British Columbia, Ministry of the Attorney General: Do-It-Yourself Divorce in BC
Family justice page on separation and divorce
University of British Columbia Legal Aid Manual: Family Law: Divorce
Ottawa divorce website
Videos discussing Ontario family law
Is abandonment a ground for divorce?
What is the Purpose of a Separation Agreement?
Role of family & friends during divorce?