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Education law resources

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United States
o   Gajda, A., Trials of academe: the new era of campus litigation (Harvard University Press, 2009)
National Student Loans Service Centre
Canadian Teachers Federation
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
Alberta Teachers Association
Alberta Learning Information Service
British Columbia 
British Columbia College of Teachers
B.C. Teachers Federation
British Columbia. Ministry of Education, Manual of School Law - K to 12
British Columbia. Ministry of Education, Safe, Caring & Orderly Schools
British Columbia Ministry of Education Policies
British Columbia, Ministry of Advanced Education
Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC)
British Columbia. Ministry of Advanced Education. Student Financial Aid
Manitoba Teachers' Society
Manitoba Department of Education, Training and Youth
Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories Teachers' Association
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Teachers Union
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association
Ontario College of Teachers
Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
Ontario Teachers Federation
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP)
Colleges Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Association des enseignants en imprimerie du Québec
Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation
Saskatchewan Learning