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Prosecution & inquiries resources

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o   Cory, P., The Inquiry Regarding Thomas Sophonow: The Investigation, Prosecution and Consideration of Entitlement to Compensation (Winnipeg:  Manitoba Justice, 2001)
o   Crown Counsel Policy Manual (British Columbia: Criminal Justice Branch, Minister of Attorney General) [Available in courthouse libraries]
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o   * McLeod, Canadian Charter of Rights: The Prosecution and Defence of Criminal and Other Statutory Offences (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   O'Reilly & Healy, Independence in the prosecution of offences in the Canadian Forces: military policing and prosecutorial discretion: Commission of Inquiry into the Deployment of Canadian Forces to Somalia (Ottawa: The Commission, 1997)
o   Owen, S., Inquiry Commissioner, Discretion to Prosecute Inquiry (British Columbia: 1990) [Good review of the charge approval process in Canada]
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