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Snowmobile Licence and Registration

Before you operate your snowmobile in British Columbia, it must the registered with ICBC. ICBC will issue an owner's certificate and two numbered owner's decals. The decals must be displayed on either side of the cowl of the snow machine or in another conspicuous place on each side. The owner's certificate must be carried when the snowmobile is being operated and produced on the demand of an enforcement officer.

If you bring your snowmobile into BC as a visitor for winter recreation, you are exempt from having to register it with ICBC if it is properly registered in your home province or state and you are not using it in BC for more than 30 days. If your home province or state does not require you to register your snowmobile, you must obtain a special permit from the director of the Fish and Wildlife Branch for a period not exceeding 30 days.

If you intend to cross a highway or operate your snowmobile in a parking lot, you must also obtain both an operation permit from the police having jurisdiction in the area of operation and licence and insurance from ICBC. A restricted licence plate will be issued to be displayed on the machine in addition to the registration decals.

Snowmobile rental agencies must register snow machines before they are rented to customers. A duplicate of this rental dealer's certificate must be carried and produced to an enforcement officer in the same manner as an owner's certificate.

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