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Why is it so Dangerous to be a Pedestrian Lately?

Right or wrong, the pedestrian is always the loser in a collision with a motor vehicle. Nowhere in British Columbia is that more apparent than in Vancouver. So far this year, the pedestrian death count has already exceeded that of the entire year of 2010.

How can this be? One would think that crossing the street can't be that difficult, can it? Take out your earbuds, put down that texting device and hang up your cell phone, you're going to need to pay attention to this, just like you need to pay attention when you cross.

Use a crosswalk, take advantage of traffic signals, walk don't run, look everywhere, make eye contact, wait until everyone stops, watch the turning lanes, point your way to safety, look in all directions, especially when you are crossing multiple lanes, keep looking, look again, hold children's hands and don't walk if it looks like they won't stop!

Whew, that is a lot to remember after all! But, worthwhile to practice each and every time you cross. The alternative is not making it to the other side or making it anywhere ever again. Your life is worth the effort.

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