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Eco Driving

I almost always check the price of gasoline when I pull onto the highway headed for work each day. An increase in the numbers usually brings a groan and starts me thinking about how to use less. The way I drive my little truck can have a significant influence on how much fuel it uses.

Everyone knows that the faster you go, the more fuel your vehicle uses. In general, the sweet spot seems to end at 90 km/h and climbs rapidly from there. So, cruising at 90 if the limit allows will make more efficient use of that fuel if you keep your speed steady at that rate.

To further increase efficiency, accelerate and decelerate smoothly and conservatively. To do this, you will have to watch the traffic around you and anticipate the traffic lights if there are any. Maintaining an adequate following distance will allow you to adjust as necessary without heavy braking.

Finally, keep your tires properly inflated and in good condition. Low inflation pressure by only 5 to 7 psi can cost you 10% in fuel consumption.

Hmm, doesn't this sound like a defensive driving lesson if you leave out the bit about fuel? Imagine, saving money and driving more safely. Sounds good to me!

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