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Not Allowed to Take a Road Test

I received an e-mail last week from an older woman whose husband had been tested with a computer and then had his license revoked by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. The husband had not even been allowed to do a road test before he was told that he could no longer drive. Was this action allowed and had I heard about DriveABLE?

I can also add a bit of background from some time ago when the man had been asked to perform a memory test at the doctor's office as part of the medical exam required to keep his license. He found this test to be stressful, difficult to perform and again, she wondered what this had to do with driving.

Reading between the lines, the gentleman very likely suffered from a cognitive difficulty. The tests had identified this and the examiners at DriveABLE, who were testing on behalf of the Superintendent, found that the impairment was significant enough that an on road test was not required to find out he was no longer capable of driving safely. Physically, he could handle the vehicle, but mentally he was not capable of gathering and properly processing the information needed to drive safely.

The couple now faces significant personal challenges because she has difficulty driving due to physical health issues. Their mobility now depends on someone else and they are not prepared for what seems to them to be a sudden change in their circumstances. Like a beginner learning to drive, one must anticipate being denied the priviledge to drive and prepare for it accordingly.

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