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The Responsible Driver Program

BC's Responsible Driver Program is required for drivers who have received an Immediate Roadside Prohibition for blowing a fail, having been convicted of an alcohol related driving offence or who have multiple alcohol related driving events on their driving record. The program may also be required because the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles has evidence that the driver has an alcohol abuse or misuse problem. The program is meant to reduce the risk of repeat alcohol related crashes and convictions.

Entry into the program starts with a structured interview to determine the level of rehabilitation required by the driver. The interview will inquire into drinking and drug use relating to driving incidents, coping styles and personality characteristics, family and social life, education, employment, legal and medical history. There will be two outcomes: a referral to either the 8 hour education stream or the 16 hour counselling stream.

Drivers must successfully complete their assigned program before they can apply for re-licensing. It is not enough to simply show up, you must show willingness to participate and show that you have applied the information, concepts and principles presented in the program.

Depending on your level of success, you may be able to re-license with full privileges, you may have to install an ignition interlock for a period of time or you may be denied any driving privileges. If the latter is the case, there is an appeal option available and you will be advised of this by the Superintendent.

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