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Limited Speed Motorcycles on the Highway Shoulder

I applaud the green attitude of those people who ride a limited speed motorcycle (LSM) for their trips on BC highways. Surely their carbon footprint is a lot lighter than my own. That and their wallet will be heavier as these motorcycles are economical to buy, license and operate.

I also cringe when I see them on higher speed highways traveling at 70 km/h or less. Will they be at significant risk riding among other traffic moving at 90 km/h and faster? Drivers today seldom have patience for anyone driving at the speed limit much less those driving more slowly.

Some LSM riders appear to have decided that they should drive on the shoulder of the highway rather than in the lanes with the rest of the traffic. This practice may feel safer for them but it is not legal. They must take a position in the lane as any other motorcycle rider would.

What is the difference between an LSM and an electric bicycle? They sometimes look much the same but the electric bicycle is required to be used as nearly as is practical to the right edge of the highway, which includes the shoulder. They also travel significantly slower, having a maximum speed of 32 km/h on level ground.

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