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Farm Tractor Licensing

Most motor vehicles need a licensed driver, a license and license plate and insurance in order to be operated on a highway. This is not always the case with a farm tractor or other motorized implement of husbandry. The driver may not need a license or license plates depending on how the vehicle is used.

Farm implements operated on a highway must be insured. Generally, an unlicenced farm tractor policy on ICBC's form APV49 is what is used. Unlike your car or truck, a copy of the certificate of insurance is not required to be carried nor produced to the police on their demand.

To operate without licences, an implement of husbandry must be operated between parts of the same farm and must be used either unladen or to carry farm related goods. The driver must not be younger than 15. Any other use requires appropriate licensing.

Regardless of the fact that a driver's license may not be required, if you are prohibited from driving under the Motor Vehicle Act or Criminal Code you are also prohibited from driving an implement of husbandry on a highway. Failure to heed this will result in the impoundment of the farm vehicle in the same manner as any other type of vehicle driven on a highway by a prohibited driver.

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