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Too Much Exhaust Smoke

Do all the bugs fall out of the sky, overcome by smoke, after your vehicle goes by? Being caught in traffic behind a vehicle belching clouds of foul smelling smoke is not a pleasant experience. Clean air should be everyone's worry, will your vehicle make the grade?

Police inspecting vehicle exhaust are guided by the standards for the approval of a motor vehicle contained in division 7 and division 29 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

Division 7 says that the engine and exhaust system of every vehicle shall be equipped and adjusted to prevent the escape of excessive fumes or smoke as compared to other motor vehicles of the same or similar types and sizes.

Division 29 sets standards for manufacturers of vehicles with respect to exhaust emissions and requires that any vehicle (other than a motorcycle and certain other vehicles) produced on or after January 1, 1971 must have a system or device installed that complies with the requirements of the division. In particular, 29.02 and 29.03 create an offence if the required system is not properly functional or has been removed.

If your vehicle emits unreasonable amounts of smoke you can be directed to make repairs, fined or both. In addition, a citizen may make a driving complaint concerning your vehicle in the same manner that they would for any other traffic violation.

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