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Your Ability to Drive is Affected Before Your BAC Reaches .08

There is a lot of rhetoric attached to recent articles on the proposed changes to BC's Motor Vehicle Act to more heavily penalize those of us who choose to drink and drive. Browse to any major BC media internet site and read some of the comments left by those who have failed to educate themselves before publicly expressing their opinion. They run the gamut from business failure in the alcohol retail sector to the lament that one would no longer be able to enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner taken outside the home.

I'm sorry people, but your ignorance is showing. Before you do run afoul of the new rules, should they pass into law this autumn, maybe you should do some learning. If you cannot or will not, then perhaps the best answer for you is that if you drink, don't drive and if you drive, don't drink.

80 mg% (.08) is the criminal limit in Canada. If you drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over this level you are impaired and subject to criminal charge.

50 mg% (.05) is the Motor Vehicle Act limit in British Columbia. If you drive with a BAC over this level you present a significant risk to yourself and other road users. These laws will be used to remove you and your vehicle from the highway as a safeguard and apply a penalty to discourage you from doing it again.

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