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The Collision Repair Company's Courtesy Vehicle

I was sitting at a red light this afternoon watching the approaching traffic. Two vehicles entered the left turn lane on the street to my left, one unremarkable and the other covered in advertising telling me that it was the courtesy vehicle for a well known collision repair company. Both were signaling for the left turn.

I'm guessing that the driver of the second vehicle decided he had made a mistake entering the left turn lane because he swerved out of it over the solid line and overtook the vehicle in front of him, still signaling for his left turn of course! It made me wonder if the collision repair company reserved that courtesy vehicle especially for him. If he always drove like this he might need it often.

Drivers such as this one were always interesting to encounter. Which ticket would I choose to write? Disobey traffic control device for the arrow painted on the lane that told the driver he must turn left? Maybe changing lanes over a solid line? How about failing to signal? They are the traffic officer's equivalent of the proverbial kid in the candy store situation.

Can you honestly tell me that you didn't know about each of these three rules? I suspect not. Should this driver have received one, two, or all three tickets for his actions? Perhaps he should have been prohibited from driving on the spot for a week. What do you think?

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