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The Driver Improvement Program

The Driver Improvement Program sounds like something designed to increase a driver's skills and make them a safer, more accomplished operator of a motor vehicle. That isn't the case however, it is the Superintendent of Motor Vehicle's way of telling you that you have too many violations and that a prohibition from driving is in your future. Other than hoping you heed the message and drive properly, that is the only "improvement" on offer.

A quick scan of the Policies and Guidelines will find that a driver in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) faces a warning letter, probation and the possibility of a 1 to 9 month prohibition if they receive between 2 and 6 penalty points in a two year period.

In contrast, an "adult" experienced driver faces a warning letter if they receive between 9 and 14 points in that time period. They will face probation and prohibition once they receive between 15 and 19 points. The only exception to this is if they are convicted of any combination of two of the following offences within a one year period: excessive speed, driving without due care and attention or driving without reasonable consideration for others.

A parent I corresponded with expressed the opinion that this was too sudden and too harsh for their teen driver. While I sympathize with the teen, I really think that it is happening far too late for experienced, adult drivers instead. Shouldn't they be held to a higher standard and set the example?

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