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Forestry TruckSafe Takes Responsibility

Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of driving is taking responsibility for your actions when you drive your vehicle or your employer's vehicle. We tend to sit anonymously in the confines of the passenger compartment and not feel obligated to exercise our social manners toward the other unfamiliar drivers around us. Imagine identifying yourself to everyone and publicly taking accountability for your actions and those of your employees.

This is exactly what the Forestry TruckSafe's Vehicle Identification Number Program does. Companies or individuals that join the program, and there were about 5000 vehicles registered as of last December, register and display identification number plates on the front bumper of their vehicles. The plate shows the company name on top and the vehicle number in large numbers underneath.

If the driver misbehaves one can call 877-324-1212 and report the vehicle to TruckSafe. They will take your complaint to the identification number holder on your behalf if you wish. If you would rather look after it yourself, there is a search form on the Forestry TruckSafe web site that will translate the identification number to a company representative's name and telephone number.

Being publicly accountable for the operation of company vehicles is a large step toward increasing traffic safety on forest service roads and public highways. This not only makes sense from a financial viewpoint, it shows both your workers and the motoring public that you respect their safety. Now all we need is a program like this for everyone else!

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