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Be Prepared for Trouble!

It's easy to become complacent. I remember putting chains on my father's tow truck and plowing snow with the front bumper at 30 mph to go and drag a hapless motorist back onto the highway. I also remember my time in northern BC where one didn't leave the driveway without a shovel, tow rope, extra winter clothing, tools and a collection of small spare parts at this time of year. So, how am I doing today here on Vancouver Island?

Two weeks ago my normal 20 minute commute turned into a 2 hour journey that ended 25 meters short of my driveway in about 25 cm of snow. Would I have made it all the way if I had winter tires on my truck instead of all season tires with a blocky tread? Maybe, but I'll bet that if I had a set of chains the trip would have been one hour or less instead of 2 and I would not have had to rely on the push of two neighbours.

Mental note to self, research and buy a good set of chains after the stores recover from the panic buying of last week.

Yes, I still carry booster cables, a first aid kit, tools, spares, flares, triangles, blanket, cell phone, ham radio and I had a shovel with me, but I didn't have a tow rope nor those chains that I might only use once a year if I'm unlucky. I also stopped carrying candles when I left the north. Sadly, this left me unable to look after myself that day.

It may also have left me unable to provide help for others. Having had that expected of me for 25 years leaves me feeling kind of foolish now. I know that I can't expect "the government" to provide everything but as I said, it easy to become complacent. Time to smarten up and like the Scout I once was, be prepared!

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